Chevy enthusiasts visit Coro

There was plenty of activity and camaraderie in Coromandel Valley on Sunday 11th November 2018, when 31 members of the Veteran & Vintage Chevrolet Auto Association (SA) rolled up to visit the Watchman House, Winn’s Bakehouse Museum and the Magarey’s Nunkri Orchard.

The club members’ gleaming vehicles made an impressive display on the lawn adjacent to Watchman’s, and attracted numerous spectators who were keen to get up close to look them over.

Coromandel Valley & Districts Branch members were on hand as guides at both the Bakehouse and Watchman’s, with stories of the early days of the Valley, its pioneers and noteworthy events flowing thick and fast.

Our volunteer catering crew once did an excellent job serving up a delicious lunch before our guests adjourned to Nunkri Orchard to learn about its 100+ years of operation.

The visitors were delighted by a tour of the Magarey family’s machinery collection, which includes equipment from the earliest years to the current day. However, the real highlight for the Chevy enthusiasts was viewing the vintage vehicles that the family has or is in the process of restoring.

To learn more about opportunities for group visits such as this, start with a call to Coromandel Valley & Districts Branch, National Trust (SA) Liaison Officer on 0474 066 776.