Book launch: Hidden Secrets

History month concluded in Coromandel Valley in a very happy way on Sunday 30 May with the launch of Glynis Conlon’s book “The Biscuit Factory: Hidden history in Coromandel Valley”.

Alexander Murray, then aged 37, and his family arrived in South Australia from Glasgow in 1840. He proceeded to establish on the banks of the Sturt River, what was to become the very successful Alex. Murray and Sons, manufacturers of jams & preserves, and superfine, extra toast biscuits. The range of biscuits and jams, and the quantities produced, expanded rapidly. Production from Murray’s factory quickly outstripped local demand and the company became a very early Australian exporter.

What remained Murray’s biscuit factory was extensively restored and converted to a house in the early 1970s. The Law family purchased the property a few years later. It was Johnathan Law who Glynis asked to officially launch her book, which he did while sharing some very entertaining stories of his family’s 40+ years of living there. Custodianship of the property passed to new owners during 2021.

Publication of this absorbing story of Alexander Murray and his jam and biscuit factory, is the culmination of at least a decade’s determined research and writing.

To read Jonathan Law's presentation at the book launch click here.