Local tales

Some of these tales date back to Coromandel Valley's early days. Some are more recent. All are entertaining.

The Barque, Coromandel

What's in a name?

Picturesque Coromandel Valley in the Adelaide Hills was one of the earliest settlements in the fledgling Colony of South...

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Who put the trout in Sturt River?

Who put the Trout in the Sturt?

Trolling through Trove back in 2013, CVDNT member David Conlon’s attention was caught by a snippet of...

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The Adelaide Observer

A Sailor Speaks Up In 1898

From THE OBSERVER, Saturday, 10th December 1898: one of the Coromandel sailors speaks up The item reads: "The recent death of Mrs Burgess, who came out to this colony in the Coromandel, landing here in January, 1837, forces upon one the fact...

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