In search of what our community values

A project launched in November 2017 by Coromandel Valley & Districts National Trust (CVDNT) and Blackwood Action Group (BAG) is gathering momentum as more of our local community gets involved.

Everyone in Blackwood, Coromandel Valley and surrounding areas including Cherry Gardens, Eden Hills, Glenalta, Hawthorndene Scott Creek etc. to look around and identify what they really value about their life in the hills. What would they like future generations to be able to inherit and enjoy – and why?

Early responses are ranging from landmarks (both natural and built-heritage), to features of the natural environment and even the groups and activities that make close-knit, supportive communities. All are valuable elements contributing to our quality of life.

Here are some early thoughts put forward for the list, and they should be prefixed by “I value””

1. The Frank Smith Park in Coromandel Valley because it provides open space for families to walk and play. I enjoy the dam and the peaceful surrounds. 
2. Community groups where people work together to improve where we live.
3. The little gardens around Blackwood centre because they provide a welcome break in the streetscapes.
4. The oval, playground, and cafe in Hawthorndene as it provides a great family area for activity and for people to meet.

All suggestions are being collated and will be shared as a community reference.

To contribute to the list or for more information, contact:

CVDNT: or phone 0474 066 776
BAG: or phone 0438 781 123

Posted 23 February 2018